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  1. Just thought I would take a second to introduce myself. In the last few years, I have gone through some major changes. I sold a business, divorced and moved from from what was home.

    Today, I am ready to start a new business. Not because I need to, but because I want to. I enjoy helping others to solve problems and helping them to become successful. Feel free to contact me.

  2. Hi my name is Bob. I am new to the site. A friend suggested I take a look at the site. I am recently retired from 25 years as a police officer and I am looking into starting a new business. Not even sure what yet. I might buy an existing business. I worked in a hardware store for 5 years before becoming joining the police force. I enjoyed that. Not sure which way to go yet. Anyone have any suggestions?

    • Hi Bob,
      Thank You for your years of public service. I hope you find the site useful.
      You didnt mention what your cash resources are.
      That would make a big difference in whether or not you could buy an existing hardware store or not. Or maybe to buy a new franchise. Lots of things to consider. You might not want to mention your price range or investment dollars. I would understand that.
      Have you checked with a business broker to see what is available in your area? Are you willing to relocate if you can find a good deal on a hardware store? Many things to consider.

  3. I found an interesting site. NewBizBlog.Com. Its new but I met the owner and his intent is to get new business owners to share their issues and questions online and to have more experienced successful business owners comment and answer questions. He has many years or personal experience in business and with startups. In addition, he has found many previous and current business owners that are willing to provide their free advice to new businesses. New businesses do not have to be brand new. Maybe you are venturing into a new area of business or a new stage of growth. So dont let the new business words keep you from visiting, reading and posting your comments and questions. Visit

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